Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Gathering Spot

Our favorite "summer" spot. It's also our favorite spring and fall spot, and depending on the weather its occasionally a winter spot too. When I received this swing for my birthday last year, I had NO idea just how much use it was going to get. I also had no idea the opportunities for conversation (or questions) that it would afford us. Our "fair weather" after dinner ritual is to congregate on the porch....and fight for a spot on the swing. No sooner has the battle for the coveted swing ended, than the biding for talking time beings. And everyone has something to say. At the same time. Last evening was mostly dominated by our 5 year old, Ian who was kind enough to retell an ENTIRE EPISODE of Veggie Tales. The story mostly centered around Junior "Exparagus" (Junior is a talking asparagus) and the army of half spoon, half fork soldiers...who were in fact, not vegetables at all. Which is apparently pretty hysterical when you're 5. Here he is cracking not only his siblings but also himself up!
Ian completely missed the point of the show...but it did afford him the chance to be "in the spotlight", which for the middle child in a family of five children, just doesn't happen that often.

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  1. Your blog is awesome Jenn! Love this picture and the story behind it!