Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Cowgirl

Sometimes you just need a quiet moment...with a cow. This child goes a mile a minute ALL. DAY. LONG. She does not stop....EVER. She is independent, argumentative, willful, too smart for her own good, and just plain stubborn. She only does what she wants, and only when she wants to

(which is pretty much every waking second) Compared to the boys she is difficult...very difficult. But amidst all the sassy attitude, trouble making, and mess creating there are moments like this one. They are few and far between, and possibly even sweeter because of their scarcity. The child who never stops, sits perfectly still here, on a summer evening just watching a cow (named Jenny by the way) graze in the pasture next door. It's moments like these, when my husband and I are side by side sitting on the floor outside her bedroom door, listening to her sing herself to sleep that all the frustrations of correcting and correcting, and correcting this little creature all day every day, suddenly seem so minor compared to the rewards. She is a gift. Perfectly Imperfect.

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